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      Glass film knowledge solutions

        The glass film can make the decoration style more fashion, simple features. The glass film in a variety of colors, you can choose a variety of decoration in the design scheme. Here we introduce the knowledge of all aspects of the glass film
        The glass film
        Affixed to the glass surface of the film, is a kind of PET functional films, can play a heat insulation, insulation, resistance to UV, anti glare, decoration, protection of privacy, security, explosion-proof, etc..
        The advantages of domestic glass film
        1, reduce the heat to reduce glare increase comfort
        Installed directly on the inside surface of the glass windows of a household glass film products, light according to strong area or back Yang District temperature imbalance can contribute to the modification and dispersion of glare, discomfort glare, indoor feel more comfortable.
        2, visual aesthetic effect has been added enhanced privacy
        Household glass film can give the appearance of the building of new chic, from the inside to the outside to see, household glass film is comfortable, light barrier and no deformation scenery; from the outside to the inside, household glass film appearance coordination and consistent, for the bedroom add beauty; mounted paste on the inside of your glass window translucent or day one-way X-ray film can also let the light penetration, but can block others to invest in the interior of the eyes.
        3, safety explosion-proof
        General sun paper or a bad explosion-proof membrane materials and real explosion-proof membrane, the film is very thin, feels very soft, lack of enough strength and toughness, not resistant to ultraviolet radiation, easy to aging embrittlement, when encountering an unexpected collision or foreign object strike, the film is very easy to break, not the glass glued together, and explosion-proof membrane is composed of special polyester film as a substrate, the film itself has strong toughness, and cooperate with the special pressure sensitive adhesive and metal layer. When the glass had an impact, broken glass after being glued together, not ricochet debris.
        4, heat insulation and energy saving refrigeration heating costs
        Summer, the film by blocking solar heat and reduce cooling costs, foil to reflection and absorption of the vast majority of solar infrared heat can also reduce the heat conduction coefficient of glass. And heat in the winter through the windows of the loss not only makes people in the building feel uncomfortable, but also increase the cost of unnecessary energy consumption, the low emissivity of household glass film, installed on the inner surface of the ordinary single-layer glass can reduce heat loss.
        5, cut off ultraviolet ray to prevent premature fading
        UV barrier helps to alleviate the premature fading, the solar radiation in the ultraviolet is to cause the important reason for the fading carpets, furniture, art paintings, curtains and chemical fiber fabric, but also can cause skin cancer, household glass film allows visible light incident, and prevent the harmful ultraviolet rays, but also reduce the sun visible light faded.
        Using the method of glass film
        1, cutting
        The glass film specifications are cut into veneers than to be larger than about 1cm specifications. This will avoid sticking out of the way (while more than one side) cause the trouble of repeating.
        2, cleaning glass
        Glass paste paper before the glass grease, stains, dust wipe clean after spray on glass to spread enough water (plus a two drops of detergent is better) and drip down. The purpose of water is temporarily reduced the viscosity of the glass film, the viscosity will not affect the dry.
        3, remove the back of the film
        Removed from the membrane type glass film back (with rubber surface) also enough spray in the water, it will paste process can random in the glass move back and forth, convenient to the proper position.
        4, stick to the glass glass film
        The first glass film on the glass after the average proportion, posted on the glass top and aligned paste from the top down. If there is no one-time to good, can be re opened repeatedly paste (the benefits of water spray)
        5, exhaust bubble
        Use scraper or IP card from the center to the around water and scraping bubble, catch out water and air bubbles with a needle or blade punctured by a smooth. Until no water and air bubbles, the glass film completely stick on the glass so far.
        6, cut off the extra edge
        End paste glass film and then the knife carefully cut off the excess edges.
        The price of glass film
        At present, there are a lot of market price of glass film, but the prices are generally not high, about a few blocks to a few hundred, mainly according to the choice of film quality, variety and size to decide.
        Below for everyone to provide a glass film examples refer to: Exhibition Hall of the central point supported glass curtain wall with 12mm tempered glass, if the replacement of 12 mm heat reflective coated glass, the cost of material for 210 yuan / square meters, old glass assembly and disassembly cost is 70 yuan / square meters, total renovation costs amounted to 280 yuan / square meters. If the replacement of 10 mm thickness of two mm hollow LOW-E hollow glass, the material cost of 375 yuan / square meter, plus the cost of 70 yuan / square meter, the total is 445 yuan / square meter.
        The use of additional heat reflective film method, material cost of 100-130 square meters, loaded with 30 yuan / square meter, a total of 130-160 yuan / square meter, with heat reflective film cost of about 50% of the cost of heat transfer glass.
        Glass film is fashionable and beautiful, and the price is not expensive and is often used in renovation program of building materials, I hope the above information can help you better understand the glass film.

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